Self-help Library

Survive operates a small library of self-help books for survivors of sexual violence.

These self-help books cover a wide range of subjects – from inspirational survivor stories to the impact of sexual violence to coping with the impact of sexual trauma.

Survive also loans self-help books on recognising and managing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Contact for a list of our self-help books or to arrange collection/return of a book.

Recommended reading list

Sexual abuse counselling services York


I was in my 40s when I reached crisis point and was unable to function.

The abuse happened when I was a child and Survive was my last hope.

Sexual violence support services York


I enjoyed my work with my church. As a lady in my 70s, I also enjoyed the compliments received from one of the priests.

He often came to my home. Following an operation, the priest took care of me.

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