Support for adults who have been directly or indirectly impacted by sexual violence as well as professionals

About our helpline

Our helpline is open Monday – Thursday (excluding public holidays) from 10am to 12pm on freephone 0808 145 1887. 

Our specially trained support workers offer non-judgmental emotional and practical support. We support adult survivors of sexual violence and loved ones including parents, partners, carers, friends and other family members. You can access the Helpline anonymously and do not need to give your name.

Professionals can also call our helpline for information or advice.

We will listen to you with empathy and compassion and we can also provide information and advice around sexual violence and trauma. If you would like continued support we can explain the process of accessing our services or signpost you to other local or national services and resources.

The helpline complements Survive’s existing support work, counselling and trauma therapy services.



I was seven when I went to visit a friend of my parents. He sexually abused me before offering me some of his wife’s jewellery.

He then frightened me by saying I would be in real trouble if anyone found out.


I was a well-respected and hard-working professional yet I found it difficult to like myself.

When I arrived at Survive, I was reluctant to reflect on my past.

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