Our trustees play a pivotal role in shaping the future direction of our charity. They make a difference by giving their time and sharing their skills, life experience and expertise with the charity.

As a growing charity we are conscious of the need for intersectional diversity in our leadership. For this reason, we especially welcome applications from people of colour, minority ethnic groups, disabled people, people in recovery, and people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

We also welcome applications from survivors of sexual violence.


Peter Meek

Acting Chair and Treasurer

Peter brings to the Board over 30 years’ general management experience in industry and 10 years’ experience as a charity Trustee. Having moved back to North Yorkshire in 2018, he became aware of the uniquely valuable services provided by Survive and decided to get involved as a Trustee. Peter is passionate about excellence in charity governance and was elected to the office of Treasurer in late 2019.

Ann Morgan

As a communications consultant with more than 35 years of experience, Ann works to ensure the great work of Yorkshire-based Survive is highlighted in the communities in which it serves. Ann draws on her experience of leading corporate communication teams in multi-national companies to develop the marketing strategies to engage communities. She delivers campaigns and materials for, both, marketing the charity and fundraising through electronic and traditional media. Ann chairs Survive’s fundraising and marketing sub-committee.

Sarah MacCallum

Sarah has a strong background in grant-making, and currently works for a philanthropic corporate Foundation that supports charities to improve lives across the UK. Having supported hundreds of charities and causes throughout her professional role, Sarah brings to the Board an understanding of charity governance and of the challenges facing both charities and the people they are trying to help. She delivers help with fundraising, drawing on her knowledge as a grant-maker to strengthen funding bids, and is also passionate about ensuring that Survive’s policies and procedures allow us to deliver the best possible services for clients. Sarah first became aware of Survive’s work when she completed her degree in Psychology at the University of York, and later when she managed the Tampon Tax Community Fund across Yorkshire.

If you’d like to know more about Survive, volunteering or fundraising, please email Sarah at – she’d love to hear from you.

Evelyn Hodgson

Evelyn has lived and worked internationally, successfully marketing famous brand names across the USA, Middle East, Canada, and Europe but her heart and home, is in Yorkshire.


Although currently part of the leadership team for a thriving £200m business, for some time, Evelyn also wanted to use her skills and experience to help those whose lives have been shattered by sexual violence. So, she jumped at the chance to both become a trustee for Survive and join its marketing and fundraising committee.


Over the long- term Evelyn would like to see a world where Survive’s services are no longer needed. Until then, it’s about ensuring Survive flourishes so it can continue to provide its excellent services to those who need it, free of charge.


If you’d like to know more about Survive, volunteering or donating please email Evelyn at – she’d love to hear from you.

Hilary Conroy

Hilary moved from Ireland to York in 2009 and has been involved in the health and social care sector ever since. She is a fully qualified social worker and has worked with children and adults from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. Hilary was involved in setting up the Connected Communities hub which sought to bring together and create a network of all the services addressing the issue of sexual harm in York and North Yorkshire, including Survive. Hilary currently works to amplify marginalised, ignored, and hidden voices in the disabled community through the Community Voices project. She brings her wealth of experience in how systems function and intersect in York, her strengths in building connections and coalitions across the city, and her passion for preventing sexual harm to the trustee board.

Susan Kane

Susan brings 30 years of leadership, learning and organisational development experience across the public and private sector including Higher Education, Policing, Retail and Tourism. As a member of the Senior HR Leadership team at The University of York, Susan also has experience of supporting the broader HR agenda. As a survivor of sexual abuse she has experienced first-hand the amazing services offered by Survive and is committed to sharing her professional and life experience to contribute to the role trustees have in shaping the future direction of the charity.

Cheryl Saggers

Cheryl brings a wealth of experience from her exemplary career in law enforcement where she worked closely with partner agencies to support and safeguard victims of crime and other vulnerable members of the communities she worked in. Cheryl has since moved away from Law Enforcement and into roles to support organisations to reach their strategic objectives by managing large scale business changes and empowering others through coaching. Cheryl holds an Executive MBA, Masters in Senior Leadership and is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner/Coach. She has previously been a volunteer Board member in the Education Sector which she very much enjoyed. Cheryl is a champion of equality and diversity and is delighted to be able to volunteer her time to SURVIVE to support those from North Yorkshire in a way that is congruent to her values and the values of SURVIVE.

Cheryl wants to contribute her knowledge, ideas and expertise to make the world around us a better place for everyone; step-by-step, little-by-little by doing her bit. She hopes to inspire others to contribute to their communities and make a difference, however large and however small.

Safeena Rafiq

Safeena has recently relocated from Manchester to North Yorkshire and is an associate lecturer at the University of York (York Law School). Whilst in Manchester, Safeena worked as a volunteer and relief worker on the helpline of Independent Choices – a charity that supported survivors of domestic abuse – some of whom had also experienced sexual violence. Safeena was motivated to offer her services to a charity that aligns with her interests in supporting survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence.

Sally King

Sally qualified as a counsellor in 1990 and a psychotherapist and group therapist in 2005. She worked in the NHS for 27 years as a counsellor and later a psychotherapist, alongside running a small private practice in York. She has a specialist interest ingroup work – running therapy groups and supervision groups as well as being an individual practitioner. In 2008, she set up York Groupwork Ltd with a colleague – a group therapy training and consultancy company – offering foundation level and diploma level training, workshops, supervision, group therapy and reflective practice groups. She has a longstanding interest in issues affecting women. In the late 70’s/80s she was a support worker in the early days of York Women’s Aid, volunteer for Rape Crisis and was a founder member of the York Women’s Centre Collective. She has a keen understanding of the impact and dynamics of sexual abuse informed by her work with survivors over many years.


I was seven when I went to visit a friend of my parents. He sexually abused me before offering me some of his wife’s jewellery.

He then frightened me by saying I would be in real trouble if anyone found out.


The first time you are called stupid you laugh it off. By the hundredth time, you start to believe it may be true and by the thousand time, you are convinced, it is true.

This is all the softening up so that you become vulnerable.

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