Our trustees play a pivotal role in shaping the future direction of our charity. They make a difference by giving their time and sharing their skills, life experience and expertise with the charity.


Peter Meek

Acting Chair and Treasurer

Peter brings to the Board over 30 years’ general management experience in industry and 10 years’ experience as a charity Trustee. Having moved back to North Yorkshire in 2018, he became aware of the uniquely valuable services provided by Survive and decided to get involved as a Trustee. Peter is passionate about excellence in charity governance and was elected to the office of Treasurer in late 2019.

Bob Morgan

Bob was born in Beverley into a service family and later spent nine years in the RAF: then over twenty years in the Metropolitan Police, finishing as an Inspector, this followed by eight years supporting a deprived community as a community officer. As a police officer he dealt with the victims and survivors of a wide variety of traumatic abuse. He is now a foster carer along with wife, Ann, and has been a volunteer listener with The Samaritans in Hull for four years. He has also been involved in local politics – a Town Council Leader at one point. Bob chairs Survive’s governance sub-committee.

Amy Bullard

Amy works full time in women’s services in York.  In this role she works with women with multiple, complex needs.  She provides one-to-one and group support and a large part of her work is in helping her clients heal from trauma and discover self-love and self-care. She is currently studying for her Level 2 Counselling Skills Qualification, with the hope of becoming a qualified counsellor in 3 years. Additionally, she recently set up York Anti-Racist Collective (YARC), which aims to connect people who experience structural racism together, encourage intersectional thinking and build on York becoming an anti-racist city. As a woman of colour herself, she is passionate about this work and hopes to bring this knowledge and personal experience to the board. Amy completed her Master’s degree in Women, Violence & Conflict at University of York, graduating in 2018 and this solidified her lifelong goal to work within women’s services.

Ann Morgan

As a communications consultant with more than 35 years of experience, Ann works to ensure the great work of Yorkshire-based Survive is highlighted in the communities in which it serves. Ann draws on her experience of leading corporate communication teams in multi-national companies to develop the marketing strategies to engage communities. She delivers campaigns and materials for, both, marketing the charity and fundraising through electronic and traditional media. Ann chairs Survive’s fundraising and marketing sub-committee.

Sue Andrew

As advisor to the senior management team, Sue represents Survive in all clinical matters affecting both employees and clients. She has been a relationship counsellor for more than 30 years. During that time, she worked for 10 years as the Chief Executive Officer of Relate in Hertfordshire. In this role, she gained hands on experience in running a counselling charity, reporting to a Board of Trustees and negotiating the survival of an organization in an increasingly difficult financial environment. She moved from London to Yorkshire five years ago and has worked in private practice since then.


I was seven when I went to visit a friend of my parents. He sexually abused me before offering me some of his wife’s jewellery.

He then frightened me by saying I would be in real trouble if anyone found out.


The first time you are called stupid you laugh it off. By the hundredth time, you start to believe it may be true and by the thousand time, you are convinced, it is true.

This is all the softening up so that you become vulnerable.

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