I enjoyed my work with my church. As a lady in my 70s, I also enjoyed the compliments received from one of the priests.

“He often came to my home. Following an operation, the priest took care of me. I was on high doses of medication when he initiated a sexual relationship. He caused me physical harm and on one occasion, he was so rough that he broke my ribs. After being a member of the church for over 60 years, I came to doubt my faith and no longer attend services.

Survive’s support for me was vital because I felt so let down by the church when I reported the priest. I later discovered there had been concerns about him going back to before his ordination. I wish they had put me first, believed me from the start and that I was not made to feel like I didn’t matter.”


Names have been changed to protect the identity of the survivor. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Support for victims of sexual violence York


I was referred to Survive by my mental health social worker. I had become too ill to work.

Fragmented memories in the form of flashbacks from seven years of child sexual abuse flooded my waking hours.

Sexual abuse counselling services York


I was in my 40s when I reached crisis point and was unable to function.

The abuse happened when I was a child and Survive was my last hope.

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