Vision, mission, values

Survive wants all who have experienced rape, sexual assault as adults or child sexual abuse to have access to its highly-valued services to:

  • Find relief from distress;
  • Discover self-worth;
  • Reconnect with lives and relationships;
  • Explore and achieve their full potential.

Survive will work to help survivors of rape, sexual assault or child sexual abuse rebuild their lives, relationships and reach their potential by delivering specialist services.

Comments from Survive clients:

“I feel more in control, more optimistic and more able to live my life …”

“…I feel more positive than I have for years”.

Survive’s values underpin everything we do – from our work with clients to our interactions with stakeholders to our statements to the media.


At all times, Survive will strive to communicate in an open, honest and transparent way. Our relationships with survivors will be based on mutual respect and trust. We will offer a safe space to survivors of sexual trauma where they can explore and talk about what has happened to them.


Survive’s ethos is that everyone is equal. We respect differences while embracing diversity.


Survive believes in survivor autonomy. We believe survivors are best placed to know what they need. We facilitate their exploration of options to make informed decisions. We put survivors at the heart of what we do. We develop and deliver a range of accessible, quality and evidenced-based services and innovate to meet the changing needs of survivors. By offering autonomy, we not only offer informed choices, we build confidence.


Survive strives to be compassionate in all that we do. We offer hope for positive change by helping our clients make sense of what has happened to them and reduce their feelings of isolation. By promoting self-worth, we help survivors find relief from the pain caused by sexual trauma and paths to reconnect with their lives and relationships.

Courageous advocacy

Survive will challenge those who do not support survivors. We will strive to raise awareness in all communities of the signs, prevalence and impact of sexual trauma including that which occurs between those who are or have been intimate partners. As the voice of survivors, we will challenge myths about sexual abuse. We will challenge and educate those in authority, in communities and in institutions to help them understand the pain of sexual trauma.

Sexual abuse counselling services York


I was in my 40s when I reached crisis point and was unable to function.

The abuse happened when I was a child and Survive was my last hope.


I was a well-respected and hard-working professional yet I found it difficult to like myself.

When I arrived at Survive, I was reluctant to reflect on my past.

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