The Survivor – Emma

"Slowly but surely the darkness was brightening."

“For eleven years I cowered and crept through the shadows of daily life, having been subjected to an incident of sexual assault back in 2013.

I was constantly on guard, terrified, paranoid, unable to sleep from nightmares, and tormented by flashbacks. The ripple effects of my PTSD spread far and wide, effecting my friends and family.

I hated and blamed myself.

Finally, as if awakening from a long bleak winter, I discovered an organisation called Survive. Every single session with the experienced, patient, and caring counsellor seemed to bring light back into my life. Slowly but surely the darkness was brightening. It was as though Spring had sprung at last!

The counsellor listened, offered breathing techniques, encouraged compassionate self-talk, and was able to make me see things how they really are:

  • I am not at fault for what happened to me.
  • I am not to blame.
  • I carry no shame over this.

My counsellor also used EMDR, which worked so effectively that the incident I used to remember as vividly as though it were yesterday now seems like a distant foggy memory from long ago.

Finally I felt that I was ready to stride happily into the future, without fear.

This is all thanks to Survive. The service they provide is absolutely invaluable and so very vital.

My sincerest gratitude to Survive for gently guiding me out of that darkness and helping me find the sunshine once again.”


Names have been changed to protect the identity of the survivor. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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