28 November 2020

Survive appoints Mags Godderidge as its Chief Executive Officer as it celebrates its 30th anniversary

With three decades of helping sexual abuse survivors the York-based charity welcomes a CEO with
hands on experience.
Survive, a specialist charity that helps survivors of sexual trauma rebuild their lives and relationships and
reach their potential, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mags Godderidge as its new Chief
Executive Officer.
Building on its 30-year heritage, Mags has set a course to see Survive become the leading authority for
those who have survived rape, sexual assault, or historical child sexual abuse. She leads the organisation
and a team of counsellors and support workers who deliver specialist services in York and across North
Mags commented: “A group of women came together in York 30 years ago to discuss the devastating
impact childhood sexual abuse had on their lives. They found solace and support in talking to others
who had the shared experience.
“Today, Survive supports adults who have experienced sexual trauma – rape, sexual assault, child sexual
abuse as well as grooming, sexual exploitation and the coercive sexual control often present in abusive
“We would all rather there was no need for our services, however, we have to face the reality that
there is and will continue to be a need for our services until all sexual abuse stops. In addition to
offering a safe space for survivors of sexual trauma to explore and talk about what has happened to
them, it is now more important than ever to also be their voice and challenge myths about sexual abuse
and educate those in authority, in communities and in institutions about the devastating impact of
sexual trauma.”

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