20 April 2022

Survive secures grants to pilot specialist services in East Riding of Yorkshire

Pilot made possible by grants from Hull and East Riding Charitable Trust and Assura Community Fund Grant


Survive has secured two grants to deliver its specialist Support Work and Counselling services to survivors of sexual violence living in East Riding of Yorkshire. The pilot is being funded by a £2500 grant from Hull and East Riding Charitable Trust and a £5000 grant from the Assura Community Fund, administered by Cheshire Community Foundation.


Hull and East Riding Charitable Trust donates funds to help and support charities and other deserving causes that benefit people who live in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire. Assura, who build and develop primary health care centres, have partnered with Cheshire Community Fund for three years, and together have awarded over a million pounds of grants to support health and wellbeing projects for people living near to their buildings.


Zoe Sheppard, the Chief Executive of Cheshire Community Foundation said:

“It is an honour to partner Assura to manage their Community Fund, and the £1-million milestone is such an exciting achievement in our longstanding collaboration. Through their generosity and commitment to their communities, Assura really are changing lives for the better. We look forward to an exciting future working in partnership with the Assura team.”


Mags Godderidge, the Chief Executive Officer of Survive said:

“We know there are survivors of sexual violence living in the YO41, YO42 and YO43 postcodes of East Riding of Yorkshire and now, thanks to these grants, we can advertise and start delivering our specialist services to them via telephone, zoom or face-to-face in the Pocklington area.”

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