29 July 2021

Survive helps more survivors of sexual violence than ever in 30-year history

Survive helps more survivors of sexual violence than ever in 30-year history

£50k Covid-19 Recovery Appeal launched to meet increased in demand for specialist services.


Survive delivered more support to more survivors of sexual violence last year than in any other year in its 30-year history. The charity has also see a staggering 226% increase in demand for its specialist services in the past five years.


Says Chief Executive Officer, Mags Godderidge: “Last year, we delivered our specialist services to 544 survivors of sexual violence, more than in any other year in Survive’s 30-year history, despite the pandemic.  As the first nationwide lockdown eased last year, demand for Survive specialist services increased and we saw a 135% year on year increase in referrals in the six months from April-September 2020 compared to the same six-month period in 2019. That demand has not diminished and is expected to rise again as we come out of the latest lockdown restrictions. Indeed, the pandemic has sadly created circumstances in which many adults have been locked down with their sexual abuser. Many have reported experiencing additional anxiety and isolation – which has added to the trauma they already experience as a result of sexual violence”.


Survive has now launched a special Covid-19 Recovery Appeal to ensure it can continue to help survivors of sexual violence to Survive, rebuild their shattered lives, relationships and reach their full potential beyond the pandemic.


It is estimated that 773,000 adults experienced sexual violence last year and 3.1-million adults experienced sexual assault before the age of 16. Says Mags: “These figures mean it is highly likely that someone you know, a close friend, a colleague and yes, even a family member, has been raped or sexually assaulted. It is just that they have not told you, such is the shame and stigma attached to this crime.  Sexual violence and its long-term effects go on behind closed doors. As it is unspoken, unseen and unheard, it is easy to be unwittingly oblivious to the fact it has happened or is happening right now to someone you know”.


Funds raised by Survive’s special Covid-19 Recovery Appeal will be used to employ more Support Workers, Counsellors and Trauma Therapists to meet the increasing demand and reduce waiting times so survivors can access support faster.


Earlier this year, Survive launched a Helpline for adults affected directly or indirectly by sexual violence.  It operates from 4pm-8pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. Callers can speak in confidence to specially trained listeners and do not need to give their name. The freephone Helpline number is: 0808 145 1887.


Donations to Survive can be made at: survive-northyorks.org.uk/donate/ or via justgiving.com/campaign/SurviveCovid-19RecoveryAppeal

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