22 January 2021

Government recognises the urgent need to support sexual trauma survivors

Additional funding will help Yorkshire-based charity, Survive, offer more support during pandemic

A sharp increase in the calls to charities by survivors of rape and domestic abuse during the pandemic has prompted the Government to offer additional financial support. Chief Executive officer of Yorkshire-based charity, Survive, Mags Godderidge welcomed the move:

“The recognition that we need to do more to help survivors of these shocking crimes in these unprecedented times is a huge step forward. “The extra funding from the Ministry of Justice will help us support more survivors of sexual violence during the pandemic. We feel encouraged that our work with sexual violence survivors is recognised and that we were one of 34 charities across the country offered the additional funding.” Survive currently sees 500 men and women each year who are looking to find ways to recover from sexual abuse – including abuse which occurs between intimate partners. The grant to the charity will allow Survive to enhance its services through use of technology and offer more counselling hours.

“We are really aware – having supported survivors for 30 years – that it takes the survivors months, years and even decades to come to terms with what has happened to them. Our specialised support workers and counsellors work with survivors to rebuild their lives and their relationships and help them find a path to reach their full potential.” She commented that the pandemic will be creating an unsafe environment for many. “We know that sexual violence often occurs at home and, for some, being locked down with their partner will sadly mark the start, continuation or increase of sexual violence within their relationship.”

Mrs Godderidge indicated that she wanted Survive to be ready to support these survivors while continuing its work to support survivors of child sexual abuse as well as grooming, sexual exploitation and institutional abuse. “Whatever the circumstances of the sexual trauma, our services will take the survivor forward in a safe, caring space.”

The link below will take you to the press release from the Ministry of Justice:


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