27 May 2021

Ministry of Justice approves extra funding for Survive

Ministry of Justice approves extra funding for Survive recognising increased demand from survivors of sexual violence following the easing of lockdown measures.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has this month approved extra funding to assist Survive employ additional support workers and counsellors as an increase in demand for the charity’s specialised services is recognised.

The extra funds represent a 36.5 percent increase on the annual funding received from the MOJ. The funds will also provide the new team members with the appropriate training and technology they need to support survivors of sexual violence remotely as the pandemic continues.

Chief Executive Officer for Survive, Mags Godderidge, commented: “We saw a spike in demand for our counselling support as we emerged from the first lockdown and watched our waiting list grow by 33 percent. We expect this trend will continue as we emerge from the second. The extra funding from the MOJ is really timely and will help us employ the specialised support workers and counsellors who survivors of sexual violence depend on for support.

“We know that some survivors will have been locked down with their sexual abusers and the increased demand for our counselling services will continue long after the pandemic has ceased to be the major threat. Many of our clients take months, years and even decades to access support.”

Survive’s client group are often anxious and maybe reluctant to return to the more traditional face-to-face support, continued Mrs Godderidge. “We need to continue to ensure our workspaces are Covid secure and get the balance right between numbers in the office and numbers working remotely to minimise traffic and infection risk. The extra funding to support the additional team members using technology is really needed.”

She indicated that Survive intended to fully embrace the use of technology as it allows the charity to offer survivors a choice on how they wish to receive counselling support – face-to-face, on the telephone or through an online link.
“We are so very grateful to the MOJ for their support as we take up the challenge of supporting those survivors of sexual violence who are reaching out to us. We will support them as they can come to terms with what has happened, rebuild their lives and relationships, and find pathways to reach their full potential,” Mrs Godderidge concluded.

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